Busy Phillipps accidentally dyed her hair pink.

The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress had a ''mishap'' when she was refreshing her colour on her 39th birthday on Monday (25.06.18) but eventually decided to try and embrace her new strawberry hue.

She showed off the colour on her Instagram Stories and told her followers: ''Guys. I had a hair dye mishap on my birthday. Accident. I used a new dye and it's like bright fuchsia. Oh no.

''But it will fade. You know, whatever. Maybe this is who I am now. 39. This is me.''

But it seemed the colour was growing on the actress, as hours later Busy decided her tresses looked nice and fresh in the light.

She shared a photo of herself walking in the sun and wrote: ''Look at what the light did now. Thank you for all your kind and sweet birthday wishes. I'm happy I'm here.''

The actress may have been inspired for her new colour by the shoes she wore earlier that day.

She revealed on Instagram that her best friend, Michelle Williams, had changed her plans so they could have breakfast together.

She posted: ''My BFF was in town for a minute for work but changed her flight so she could have breakfast with me for my birthday and it was so amazing to see her but also, the actual breakfast was so delicious I feel like it bodes really well for things to come this year.(sic)''

And she then revealed they had worn matching pink footwear.

She shared an image of their feet and wrote: ''When you show up to see your BFF and you're both wearing pink clogs.''