German rapper Bushido has been hit with a legal complaint from the Mayor of Berlin over the release of his new music video.

The openly-gay politician, Klaus Wowereit, claims the star's Stress Without Cause video features homophobic lyrics, fantasies about murder and provocative images, and now he has voiced his concerns by lodging a formal complaint out of fear the track could incite violence.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich agrees with Wowereit, insisting the 34 year old's graphic promo "crossed the line," especially since the tune targets specific lawmakers, like Green Party leader Claudia Roth, who is mentioned in the line, "I shoot at Claudia Roth and she'll get holes like a golf course."

Media watchdog groups are currently determining whether the song should be banned for minors, however the star, real name Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, has since defended the track from critics, telling local Tv news channel N24, "I may have overshot the mark a bit but I would not in any way excuse myself here. If I shoot, then I only do it with words and not with anything else."