Late British Royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales' former butler Paul Burrell says he attempted suicide when the pressure of guarding her memory proved too much.

Burrell was so traumatised by the awesome responsibility of carrying the princess's dangerous secrets that he turned to sleeping pills, tranquillizers and alcohol in a desperate attempt to end his own life.

The tormented ex-servant reveals, "I have been through some dark times - and there were times I thought I would never get through them.

"My wife says Diana had me by the balls in her lifetime and she still has me by the balls now. As the man who holds all her secrets it's true. I hit rock bottom and felt I had nowhere to turn. Drinking was a way of numbing the pain."

The man Diana branded her "rock" was distraught when he was accused of stealing property from Kensington Palace and insists that he is still under surveillance by the "dark forces", who Queen Elizabeth II warned him of.

He says, "The pressure I came under was too much for one man to take. I was grieving for the princess, trying to protect her memory and then charged with stealing from her. There were times when I felt like ending it all."

30/05/2004 14:20