Late British Royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales' had nine "suitors", including a OSCAR winning star, a top musician and a famous politician - according to her former butler Paul Burrell.

Burrell refuses to identify the nine men apart from Pakistani heart surgeon HASNAT KHAN - who he says the tragic Princess was "desperate" to marry.

However, it is thought the musician in question is rocker BRYAN ADAMS - who offered Burrell the use of his London home - whilst the Hollywood star is believed to be either Kevin Costner, who wanted Diana to star in a sequel to The Bodyguard, or Tom Hanks, who attended the Princess' funeral after her fatal car crash in Paris, France in 1997.

The butler tells American TV's Barbara Walters in an interview which will be broadcast tonight (24OCT03), "She was a busy lady; all these different men were interested in her. I'm not saying she had affairs with these men - they were suitors."

24/10/2003 17:27