DIANA, Princess Of Wales' controversial former butler Paul Burrell has been accused of helping a fake footman win a job at Buckingham Palace.

Burrell - who caused much upset recently for revealing secrets about the tragic princess in his tell-all book - is at the centre of a new scandal which came to light yesterday (19NOV03), when a worker at Queen Elizabeth II's residence was found to be phoney.

Journalist RYAN PARRY - who works for Britain's DAILY MIRROR tabloid with Burrell - gave bogus job references to work for the Queen, which he managed to do for two months.

But senior courtiers are convinced Burrell - who was slammed by Diana's two sons Prince William and Prince Harry for betraying their mother - coached him.

One royal courtier says, "As he works for the Mirror, it would be incredible to believe that Burrell did not help the reporter carry out the deception of getting a job.

"There is considerable anger that Burrell has used his knowledge in this way."

20/11/2003 02:25