Bullet For My Valentine are convinced their new album will make them festival headliners.

The heavy metal band - comprised of Matthew Tuck, Michael Paget, Jamie Mathias and Jason Bowld - decided to ease up on their heavy rock style and incorporate some electronic elements into their LP 'Gravity' because they wanted to be chosen for summer gigs.

Speaking to Scuzz TV, frontman Matt said: ''It's the most interesting album we've ever written in many ways. It sounds sonically different from anything we've done in the past. The way we've written the songs and executed them on the production side is very new and contemporary and different for us, but that's made it a very interesting, stand-out record.

''We just want to write great songs. It's what we're focused on.

''Thankfully, we've had a very long and successful career so far, but I think there's a lot better to come and a lot of years ahead of us, still. Should those phone calls come from the promoters for headlining these things, we're definitely more than ready. We've been playing arenas for a long time, we've headlined some festivals anyway. It just seems that we need to be a little bit more patient. I think 'Gravity' is the record that will solidify us as that band.''

Matt believes 'Gravity' - which addresses mental health - is their most ''vulnerable'' album.

He explained: ''It was more just using my outlet for music and songwriting as a way to kind of deal with stuff that was going on in my life and my head. It was my way of coping with it and it was my way of discovering a new way of writing a song and trying to make it as heartfelt and real and honest as possible. It shows a far more vulnerable side to me that I've never shown...It wasn't an easy decision because it does show massive vulnerabilities of my emotional side. But it has led to a great record and I think people are going to connect to in a way they've never connected to a Bullet record because of it.''