France's First Lady CARLA BRUNI-SARKOZY has defended her fashion choices after an attack from PETA bosses, insisting the fur she wears isn't real.
In a letter to PETA U.S. Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, the model and singer insists the animal rights organisation is taking aim at the wrong person if she ends up on a hit list of fur wearers.
She writes, "I do not wear, buy, or own fur. Every designer who kindly lends me clothes for public appearances can tell you that I do not accept... fur pieces, even when they're only a small part of the outfit."
PETA bosses had expressed concerns about photos that showed Bruni-Sarkozy wearing what appeared to be fur.
In a letter to the wife of French leader Nicholas Sarkozy, they asked her to donate her fur coats to homeless charities in the U.S.