Brooklyn Beckham ''really fits in'' in New York.

The 18-year-old aspiring photographer - who is the oldest son of Victoria and David Beckham - relocated stateside to study in September and his friend, The Vamps guitarist James McVey thinks his pal has settled in well.

He said: ''I spoke to him the other week actually I shaved my head after seeing him do the same thing. He inspired that and I went through a stage of us going to the gym quite a bit and since he moved to New York I've not seen him.

''We celebrated his 18th and I haven't seen him since then. It's a shame that he is the other side of the world. I am sure we will bump into each other again soon. I do keep in contact.

''I think [he's doing alright]. I think it's great. His photography and the skateboarding, he really fits in with that New York lifestyle.

''For someone that is 18 years old, he has such a great fashion sense and persona. I definitely look up to that.''

James previously admitted he found it ''weird'' when he went to Brooklyn's 18th birthday party because it was mainly attended by older relatives.

He said: ''We went to his 18th birthday a couple of months ago.

''He texted me saying a few of his friends were going, did we want to come? We presumed it would be friends who were our age, then Tris and I turned up and it was his parents, his auntie and just one of his friends that was his age. We sat there like, this is bizarre. But it was a really good night.''

Brooklyn previously appeared in the group's video for 'Wake Up' and the band love hanging out with him.

Tristan said: ''He's our boy. He's cool. He's a really down-to-earth dude and he's nice to hang out with when we're both in London.''