Brooklyn Beckham doesn't think fame affects him too much.

The 18-year-old star - who is the son of David and Victoria Beckham - says he is used to celebrity life, having grown up in the spotlight.

He said: ''A lot of young influencers feel pressure being in the public eye but it is something I have grown up. I don't think being in the public eye has affected me too much. I'm just used to it. Obviously I have to be more aware as a teenager that someone may be capturing shots of me unaware.''

And Brooklyn would love to pursue a career as a photographer and study the subject too.

He added to Compelo: ''I've been taking photographs for a few years now. I take them of everything I do and see. I have been posting a lot of them on social media. Penguin saw what I was doing and offered me this opportunity to create a book of my favourite images which really told the story of literally what I had seen.

''Wow, yeah, I didn't realise just what a huge and lengthy process creating a book was! You know I found it really hard to choose what went in and what to edit out. I guess that was really the most challenging aspect. I think this book really reflects me, my humour, what I like and how close I am to my family. It's really a snapshot into my life ...

''Absolutely! I am very keen to study photography and pursue it as a career. I have just done my photography A Level and have been offered a scholarship at an amazing college in New York to study photography further. I'll be heading out there later this year and will do my degree over there.''