BRITNEY SPEARS spent her 22nd birthday working hard on Tuesday (02DEC03), auditioning girls hoping to play her in a new movie.

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer teamed up with her mother LYNNE to go through a long list of hopefuls wanting to portray a teen version of the Louisiana native for a TV movie based on Britney.

Britney and her mother have so far whittled the number of young actresses down to just three, and they were extremely impressed with how well the girls performed.

The pop beauty says, "We can totally tell they seemed so nervous when they first came in, so I'm gonna have to talk to them what a good job they did."

And Britney's efforts on her big day weren't totally ignored - the girls hoping to play her joined forces to belt out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to their possible boss.

The movie, based on Britney's mum's book A MOTHER'S GIFT, is set to premiere on TV network ABC FAMILY in April (04).

07/12/2003 21:07