Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS shocked pals and waiters by urinating on a public beach after a night of partying.

The one-time squeaky-clean singer was enjoying herself with pals CLARISSA JONES, JOSHUA CLEPHAS and TOM WITCHEY at Santa Barbara, California's FOUR SEASONS HOTEL last weekend (13/14SEP03) when the unpleasant incident took place.

An onlooker explains, "It was a very unusual night. The group sat outside, then moved in after the meal. They were in high spirits, drinking, smoking and cuddling.

"Britney then jumped up and joined the restaurant pianist to sing some of her new songs. She was very good and everyone was impressed, especially Tom who seemed quite enamoured with her."

The party then ventured outside to the beach: the spy continues, "It was unbelievable. The four of them were huddled at the water's edge, then Britney dropped her jeans and had a wee on the sand.

"Her friend also went and they didn't seem embarrassed doing it in front of the boys, or waiters. Straight after that, the boys took of their shirts, picked up the girls and raced into the water."

21/09/2003 13:53