Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS sleeps in a bed which lists a British princess and Britney herself as previous owners.

The OVERPROTECTED star, who is nearing the end of a one-year career break, has revealed her New York apartment includes a four-poster bed that her psychic advised her to snap up because of its strong links with the past - including Britney's past life.

Britney explains, "The person I bought it from said it belonged to the English Royal family 40 years ago. One of my psychics said in another lifetime it used to be my bed. And they said that it belonged to a princess.

"She could be totally wrong, but it's a nice thought, right? Anyway, she said the princess used to travel with the bed and they used to ship it on boats to wherever she was.

"And what's so weird is my grandmother is British."

03/08/2003 10:36