An upcoming marriage isn't taming BRITNEY SPEARS - her new video is set to be her wildest ever.

The pop superstar will be seen gate-crashing a party, driving a car into a pool and then attempting to cut off her wet clothes in the video for BOBBY BROWN cover MY PREROGATIVE.

Spears will also be seen ignoring traffic laws as she speeds through the Hollywood Hills in a sports car.

But it's one scene where Britney cuts off her straps with a kitchen knife and lets her dress fall to the floor that will tantalise most fans - as she appears to be wearing only sexy knickers underneath.

In another sexy scene, Britney is seen wearing nothing but her knickers, high heels, stockings and a short fur jacket.

Insiders, who have seen the full promo, claim there's a huge twist at the end of the video, which will thrill pop fans.

19/08/2004 02:44