British Tv star Gregg Wallace has been accused of starting a fist-fight during a posh dinner event in England on Saturday (17Aug13).

The MasterChef host was the star attraction at the event, titled Dinner With Gregg Wallace, at the luxury Wood Norton Hotel in Worcestershire, England, but the evening descended into chaos when the presenter allegedly became involved in a punch-up.

Wallace is said to to have grappled with another man, sending them both crashing into a table and breaking glasses in front of horrified guests, who had all paid around $113 (£75) each for tickets to dine with the star.

One of the event-goers, named only as Alison from Lancashire, tells Britain's The Sun, "Out of nowhere, this guy crashed into our table with Gregg pinning him down. All the drinks smashed. There was glass everywhere... Everyone was so shocked to see a fight - and even more shocked to see it was Gregg. People on our table had to pull them apart. The hotel got everyone free drinks. Gregg was ushered out and we didn't see him again."

A photograph of the alleged incident has been published in the British press, alongside reports the brawl was sparked when an unnamed man upset Wallace's girlfriend.

A spokesman for Wallace says, "I can confirm Gregg was involved in a disagreement. The situation was swiftly resolved."