British actor ALAN DAVIES has been accused of biting a homeless man in a vicious drunken attack in London last week (ends07Dec07). The TV star is alleged to have hit out at Paul MCElfatrick after he called out to Davies by his character name Jonathan Creek, on the BBC detective series of the same name. But Davies was not amused by the recognition and grabbed MCElfatrick before biting his left ear. MCElfatrick recalls, "I thought he was going to whisper something but his face darkened and he almost spat out the words, 'My name's Alan. You know my name - Alan. What's my name? It's Alan'. "Then he suddenly went for my left ear. It was incredibly painful. I shrieked and my eyes were watering. He hung on and drew blood." But Davies claims it was MCElfatrick who first became aggressive, and has put his behaviour down to too much alcohol. Davies has since apologised for the attack.