The explosion of the overseas box office was brought home today (Thursday) when a major U.K. exhibitor, Cineworld Group, reported that its box-office receipts for the quarter that ended on June 30 were up 24.3 percent to $184 million, while admissions were up 18 percent to 24.3 million. The average ticket price rose 5.8 percent to $7.60, largely due to premium pricing for 3D fare. "This is a very good set of results which has been achieved despite an extremely challenging consumer environment," Cineworld CEO Stephen Wiener said in a statement. "Our investment in digital is already bearing fruit and, whilst it is still early days, the return on investment so far has been very encouraging. We are the clear market leaders in digital and 3D and believe further opportunities will arise from these exciting new formats going forward." The company noted that its results would likely have been greater still had it not been for the two-month strike by Bollywood producers over revenue sharing that ended in June. Cineworld described itself as the "U.K. market leader in showing Bollywood films" and said that its revenue from those films was down almost 60 percent versus last year.