The British royal family's $190,000 (GBP100,000) pre-Christmas party for employees at London's Buckingham Palace has reportedly resulted in a servant being rushed to hospital.

The Queen and husband PRINCE PHILLIP attended the bash this month (DEC04) thrown for 500 staff at their residence.

But the party allegedly degenerated into a drunken shambles after a 30-year-old footman collapsed in the Picture Gallery with severe alcohol poisoning and was taken to a nearby emergency ward.

A source tells Scottish newspaper DAILY RECORD, "It was excellent food and everyone was in a brilliant frame of mind, but a lot of people were well lubricated even before the dancing and real drinking started.

"Some of the Royal Family were dancing and there was a great atmosphere. But the drink was flowing fast - too fast.

"To put it bluntly, it was the most monumental p**s up and there were quite a few sore heads the next day."

31/12/2004 12:29