Britain's Channel 4 has defended an early-evening talk show after it received numerous complaints about the language used by singer Elton John Tuesday night. During the telecast of The New Paul O'Grady Show, which aired at 6:00 p.m., a time when children were likely to tune in, John was asked about his name. He said he changed it from Reginald Kenneth Dwight because it made him sound like "a banker or a wanker, one of the two." A "wanker" is British slang roughly equivalent to a "jerk-off" in American slang. After making the comment and receiving hoots of laughter from his audience, John remarked, "Sorry if it has been a bit raucous, ladies and gentlemen." On Wednesday, a Channel 4 spokeswoman told the BBC (which published the word as "w*****" on its website): "I don't think it is the strongest language, and we feel that Paul dealt with it appropriately."