The British music industry is forcing out talent because of its reliance on the quick returns generated by ready-made reality-TV pop groups.

The damning verdict is a result of a British radio debate of musicians, executives and industry insiders, on the state of the industry.

WILD WOOD singer PAUL WELLER says, "Unfortunately these days, if you don't get a hit single and your first album doesn't sell one point whatever million you don't get a chance to make your second one."

CHRIS COWEY, executive producer of BBC music TV show TOP OF THE POPS says, "Economically it's much easier for a record company to sign one pretty male or female, give them some songs, put them out there, and get a very fast return on their investment."

But record labels claim the time-tested long-term strategy of nurturing artists is being used again.

VIRGIN's NICK BURGESS says, "A lot of labels have been forced back to the old way of breaking bands after losing so much money on quick-fix signings."

The debate will be aired on UK radio channel BBC RADIO 2 on 2 July (03).

18/06/2003 21:21