Organisers of a British music festival have been forced to cancel the summer (08) event after racking up debts of $1 million (GBP500,000).
The Isle of Skye music festival - which last year (07) boasted such big name acts as Kasabian, Primal Scream and KT Tunstall on its line-up - was launched in 2005, and quickly shot to prominence on Britain's annual festival calendar.
However, having secured the services of several mega-selling - and expensive - artists last year, audiences fell well short of organisers' expectations.
The big money payouts for top bands and the lack of returns left festival bosses with a $1 million shortfall. It has since emerged several of the smaller acts recruited last year have yet to be paid for their work.
The financial debacle has forced organisers to scrap plans for this year's spectacle.
John Gilbertson, director of the festival, says, "We jumped out of our league. The festival was expecting 8,000 people a day and we managed half that."