A British DJ has escaped jail in Hong Kong after police caught him working there illegally.
Cops swooped in on DJ Hyper - real name Guy Hatfield - while he was performing at an outdoor event. He was arrested, thrown in jail, and threatened with a three-month jail sentence.
Police decided to drop charges after Hatfield had spent 36 hours in custody.
He tells CMU Music, "I'd just started playing when 150 police showed up to shut down the party. I was asked to show my passport and because I didn't have an official work visa, was taken away with the promoters to the police station.
"I was locked up for the night, had all of my possessions confiscated and had to wait until midday the next day for a lawyer to turn up. I wasn't given water at one stage for nine hours. I was looking at three months inside on top of two months waiting for my case to come to court if they had followed through with the prosecution."