British designer ROBERT CARY-WILLIAMS escaped a prison sentence yesterday (17OCT06) following a drink-fuelled attack on his ex-lover, after the mother of his child pleaded mercy on his behalf. The fashionista was given a suspended sentence and ordered to tackle his alcoholism and domestic abuse after assaulting REBECCA MCCUBBIN while she was breastfeeding their three-month-old son last month (OCT06). London's Southwark Crown Court heard how one of the 40-year-old's kicks came close to hitting the tot. Doctors said had it struck him, he would have died. However, Cary-Williams was spared a jail term after MCCubbin pleaded for mercy. Judge PAUL DODSON told him, "This was a nasty attack committed on a woman, whilst drunk. "But you have been saved from immediate custody by the views of Miss MCCubbin. She believes that for you to address your alcohol addiction could well lead to you never coming to court again."