British censors have dropped their ban on the only film they have outlawed for blasphemy.
Nigel Wingrove’s 1989 movie Visions of Ecstasy features a scene of Jesus Christ being seduced on the cross - and was an immediate turn off for officials at the British Board of Film Classification.
But, after 23 years, the censors have agreed to allow filmmakers to release the experimental 20-minute movie on Dvd.
Reversing their decision, the censors now claim the film will be "deeply offensive to some viewers," but was unlikely to cause harm.
A statement from the Bbfc reads, "In the absence of any breach of U.K. law and the lack of any credible risk of harm, as opposed to mere offensiveness, the board has no sustainable grounds on which to refuse a classification to Visions Of Ecstasy in 2012."