British actor ROBERT COLEBY is set to recreate legendary soap DYNASTY's most controversial scene when he plays Rock Hudson in a TV movie about the show.

Hudson failed to tell producers he had AIDS when he signed on for a guest role as DANIEL REECE in the cult 1980s TV soap - and his onscreen kiss with co-star Linda Evans caused an uproar, because at the time it was not known if exchanging saliva could spread the killer disease or not.

Coleby, who plays Hudson in new American TV special DYNASTY: BEHIND THE SCENES, didn't realise the kiss had caused such a fuss until he signed up to play the tragic movie icon.

The PHANTOM star says, "He kissed Linda and, at the time, they didn't know how you contracted AIDS, so there was some panic."

Dynasty creator Aaron Spelling, who has not been part of the TV movie, admits he was terrified when he discovered the truth about Hudson.

He says, "We were told by a lot of medical people that AIDS could be transmitted that way - by kissing."

Hudson lost his battle with AIDS in 1985.

Dynasty: Behind The Scenes also features former STAR TREK star Alice Krige as Joan Collins.

30/06/2004 09:32