A British TV presenter has been hospitalised with a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder after a stunt went wrong.
Holly Walsh, who fronts shows on children's network CBBC, was competing in the annual Worthing International Birdman competition on Britain's south coast, which sees daredevils attempt to "fly" the furthest off a pier in homemade contraptions.
Walsh crashed awkwardly into the sea during the competition and was hauled out by medics.
She was strapped to a spinal board and taken to a local hospital for treatment - but she later took to her Twitter.com page to thank event organisers and fans for their support.
Walsh writes, "I couldn't have been looked after better by medics and the organisers. Thank you so much for all your kind tweets."
Shoreham lifeboat spokesman Dave Cassan says, "It appears she entered the water wrong... The inshore lifeboat brought her to the shore at Worthing and she was transferred to hospital by ambulance."