British satirist RICH JOHNSTON is ignoring death threats to attend next month's (JUL04) SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION in California.

The author has upset comic book fans in America with his hit HOLED UP stories, which poke fun at a modern day ADDAMS FAMILY, who are obsessed by guns, warfare and violence.

And some fierce critics are threatening to kill him if he attends the San Diego fair.

Johnston says, "I'm not taking the threats seriously. I think a lot of these things are bark and no bite.

"Some people have just got the wrong end of the stick - they think I'm poking fun at America. I'm not. I don't think Americans are gun-happy loons. I'm not anti-American.

"But I've had correspondence from people who say, 'We know where you'll be,' and 'If you come over here we're gonna blow your limey head off.'

"Comic book fans tend to be on the portly side. I'm hoping they'll shield me from any snipers."

Holed Up started life as a sitcom idea Johnston pitched to the BBC and the project has been staged as a play in England.

29/06/2004 09:10