A British woman has been cleared of an attempted murder charge after she was accused of botching a plot to poison her mother in a scheme ripped from hit U.S. Tv show Breaking Bad.

Kuntal Patel, 37, was found not guilty of attempting to kill her mum, but she was convicted on a charge of attempting to acquire a biological agent or toxin for setting up an online purchase of a vial of deadly abrin, a poison closely related to ricin.

She was accused of slipping the poison to her mother Meena in a can of soda, and prosecutors at London's Southwark Crown Court claimed she had taken inspiration from a storyline featured in Bryan Cranston's hit Tv show. The plot was said to have been based on an episode in which Cranston's character Walter White, a chemistry-teacher-turned-drug baron, brewed up ricin to poison a rival.

Patel now faces a possible jail sentence. She is due back in court to hear her fate on 7 November (14).