Actress ALISON BRIE's college classmates know the star's every womanly curve - because she stripped down and ran around her campus naked during a "nudist" phase.
The Mad Men star loved peeling off her clothes, swinging from trees and impersonating animals in the nude to make her former roommate laugh.
And though the Californian admits she wasn't shy about walking around in the buff in between classes, Brie insists now that she's a TV star her wildest days are over,
She says, "In college I was ready to unleash the fury. I was a bit of a nudist in college. It was so fun. It was more of a humorous thing - clothing is (sic) optional everywhere but the cafeteria... It really depended on my roommate's mood, (and if) I felt like she was having a bad day... Picture me naked swinging from the tree (naked). It's funny. I do really good naked animal impressions."