Bridget Malcolm has opened up about her journey to become a model.

The 25-year-old Australian catwalk icon who embarked on her career at the helm of the fashion industry in 2011, has admitted when she went to her first casting she was super nervous and feared she would burst out into floods of tears at any moment.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph about her career, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''I remember sitting in that [first] meeting with [the agent and] my parents and every time someone would look at me, I'd turn bright red.

''I was so little. I was a young 14, too.''

However, Bridget has since flourished in the business and has been working ''non-stop'' over the past few years.

She said: ''I've been modelling for a long time and working non-stop.''

And the star has admitted she can ''pick and choose'' what jobs she takes on and what campaigns she can pass on now, and Bridget thinks it is ''nice'' she can be so selective.

Bridget, who has graced the runway for Victoria's Secret and Polo Ralph Lauren, explained: ''I can kind of pick and choose (jobs) now, which is nice.''

But Bridget has admitted that with her celebrity status comes criticism and she has revealed she has been ''skinny shamed'' in the past, which she thinks is ''hurtful'' and ''irrelevant''.

Speaking previously the fashion muse said: ''I think body shaming in any form is hurtful and so irrelevant to people.''

But Bridget has become thick skinned and has learnt to ignore negative remarks about her appearance and remain ''body positive''.

She added: ''I'm all about body positivity.

''It's about being healthy and happy, and ignoring the haters.''