Bridget Malcolm has decided to prioritise her health over her career.

The Victoria's Secret model has been struggling with anxiety in recent months and has, therefore, opted to reject certain job offers for the benefit of her general well-being.

Writing on her blog, the 25-year-old beauty shared: ''This year has been incredibly important for me in this regard; my mental and physical health always comes first.

''I love to work and travel, and have always said yes to jobs that take me to far ends of the globe. It is one of my favorite parts of my awesome job!

''But after a particularly bad run in with anxiety attacks earlier this year, I have learned to really check in with myself before accepting jobs. (sic)''

The blonde beauty, who hails from Perth, Australia, also revealed exercise, meditation and reading have helped to ease her anxiety.

Meanwhile, Bridget recently admitted she feared she would burst into tears at any moment during her first casting for a modelling job.

Recalling the start of her career, she said: ''I remember sitting in that [first] meeting with [the agent and] my parents and every time someone would look at me, I'd turn bright red.

''I was so little. I was a young 14, too.''

Bridget's reputation within the industry has subsequently gone from strength to strength, which meant she went years without taking a proper break.

She said: ''I've been modelling for a long time and working non-stop.''

But now, Bridget feels she can ''pick and choose'' her modelling jobs.

The catwalk star, who has also graced the runway for Ralph Lauren, recently explained: ''I can kind of pick and choose jobs now, which is nice.''