Bridget Malcolm thinks preparing for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is like a ''boxer getting ready for their title fight''.

The 25-year-old beauty admitted she and her fellow models have to ''train like athletes'' ahead of the infamous lingerie show, and she works hard on keeping her figure trim with diet and exercise in order to look the best she can.

She told the 'Today Show': ''It's like a boxer getting ready for their title fight.

''We train, we sleep, we eat very cleanly.''

And the Australian model is now in the best shape she's ever been in, with the Paris show just a week away.

She added: ''I know that I'm the fittest and the strongest I've ever been. I feel the best I've ever felt.''

Bridget has been ''skinny shamed'' in the past, and believes it is important to be healthy and ''positive'' about her body.

She said: ''I think body shaming in any form is hurtful and so irrelevant to people.

''I'm all about body positivity.

''It's about being healthy and happy, and ignoring the haters.''

Bridget made her debut for the lingerie company at their show last year, and previously revealed her preparations this year have been less intense than her twice-daily workouts of 2015.

She said: ''This year, I am doing less, and focusing more on resistance and strength training, which has really changed my body.

''You don't want to arrive at the casting burnt out and cranky, you want to be able to live your life and show them that on the day.'''

And ahead of the show, Bridget hones her vegan diet even further, to cut out dessert, sugar and starchy foods.

She said: ''Leading up to the show I drink lots of water, protein shakes and vegetables.''