Suggesting that the march to the picket lines remains unretarded, two major studios warned contract writers that they may be subject to legal action if they comply with demands by the WGA to submit to the guild all unproduced material that they have written for their companies. Universal and New Line sent out their letters individually, but it's expected that other studios that are members of the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers will follow suit. Universal said that it would regard such disclosure to the guild as "misappropriation of corporate property;" New Line, as "a breach of your writing agreement." However, a WGA attorney said Monday that the WGA instituted a similar strike rule during the 1988 WGA strike, without objection from the studios. Meanwhile, the secretary-treasurer of Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 said that while the union can not stage a sympathy strike with the WGA, individual members can legitimately choose not to cross picket lines. Local secretary-treasurer Leo Reed said in a message to members, "As for me as an individual, I will not cross any picket line whether it is sanctioned or not because I firmly believe that Teamsters do not cross picket lines."