Brian McFadden has no interest in talking to Kerry Katona.

The 38-year-old singer is on amicable terms with his first wife - who he met in 1999 but split from in 2004 - for the sake of their daughters Molly, 15, and 15-year-old Lilly-Sue - but he doesn't really care about her life or interests.

He admitted: ''I have no interest in her lifestyle - we just talk about the kids.

''As a mother of my kids she's in a good place, the kids are happy and she's a good mum.

''You move on and have your own lives - why would you want to talk to your ex? If you wanted to talk to each other. you would still be together.

''I talk to Kerry like the mother of my children, I don't go, 'Hey baby, how are you doing?' We're not all chatty with one another.''

And the former Westlife star - who is now dating teacher Danielle Parkinson - also doesn't speak to his second wife Vogue Williams, insisting it would be ''pointless'' for them to chat now, though he is ''delighted'' she's expecting a baby with her husband Spencer Matthews.

He told Closer magazine: ''I don't speak to Vogue any more either. It's pointless.

''She's married now and is having a baby.

''I am delighted for her and I hope she has a lovely family. [Spencer] is a great guy.''

But Brian admitted it was tough giving custody of their dog, Winston, to Vogue.

He said: ''Not getting to see the dog is the worst part of it. Winston was my best mate and we wouldn't leave each other's sides.

''Vogue and I were sharing the dog but that didn't make sense any more and Danielle is allergic to dogs, so I gave him back to Vogue.''