American star Brett released his self-titled EP in February (16), with lead single Sleep Without You hitting shelves in April.

The California native first took up songwriting after sustaining an injury while playing college baseball, but his passion for country sounds was instilled long before that.

“I grew up listening to country music because, really, whenever me and my sister would fight over the front seat, whoever got the front seat got to control the radio,” he explained to “And every time she won, I would just sit in the back frustrated that I had the back seat. But every time I won, she’d sit in the back seat and kick my chair, so at the time she didn’t like country music, and so to bug her, I’d put on country music radio and turn it really loud. The joke is on me, that’s how I found out I loved it.”

Brett is currently on tour, with his next performance at the Revelry Room, Chattanooga, Tennessee on Monday (15Aug16). He’ll also be taking in dates in Indiana, New Mexico, Florida, before finishing in Arizona on 01 October.