Breaking Bad star Steven Michael Quezada is running for a position on the U.S. School Board in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The 49-year-old native, who has filmed the hit crime thriller in the state since 2008, will transition into politics when the series wraps up later this year (13).

Quezada is running unopposed to represent a newly-created district in the city's growing West Side, where three of his children are currently enrolled in school.

He tells, "This is my home and where I want to work. We're hurting out here and we need people who can go out and engage our community. I think it's my destiny to do that... I believe I'm in a position to help kids and my community. Education is the best way to ensure our future."

The director of communications for Albuquerque Public Schools, Monica Armenta, insists the community is excited about having the actor on board, adding, "Breaking Bad is a coveted show in this part of New Mexico and is highly acclaimed. Whenever you have someone that high profiled really interested in learning about education, it's great."