A British woman has gone on trial to fight allegations she attempted to poison her mother in a murder plot inspired by U.S. Tv show Breaking Bad.

Kuntal Patel, 37, denies a charge of attempting to acquire a biological agent or toxin and one of attempted murder for allegedly purchasing a vial of deadly abrin, a poison closely related to ricin, and slipping it to her mum Meena in a can of soda.

The trial opened at London's Southwark Crown Court and prosecutors accused Patel of taking inspiration from a storyline featured in Bryan Cranston's hit Tv show in which his character Walter White, a chemistry-teacher-turned-drug baron, brewed up ricin to poison a rival.

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay told the court, "Kuntal set out in a calculated and pre-meditated fashion to murder her own mother. Inspired, in part, by the U.S. television series Breaking Bad, she acquired a deadly toxin called abrin, a close relation to ricin, which you may have heard of. She acquired it over the 'dark web' from a vendor in the Usa... Kuntal secretly poured the abrin into her mother's Diet Coke and watched her drink it - expecting her to die. But nothing happened."

Magistrate Meena Patel, 60, survived the alleged attack because abrin is less deadly when ingested rather than inhaled.

The trial continues.