The JONBENET RAMSEY murder case has hit the headlines again in America after police in Thailand arrested a man they claim is a potential suspect on Tuesday night (15AUG06). The six-year-old beauty pageant regular was found beaten and strangled to death in the basement of her Colorado home in December 1996. This is the first arrest related to the case in 10 years. US law enforcement officials have revealed that 41-year-old schoolteacher JOHN MARK CARR was arrested in Bangkok. Police in Colorado are flying to Thailand to question him and return him to America to face possible charges. The latest break in the case comes after years of speculation and suspicion surrounding JonBenet Ramsey's parents. The dead girl's mother, PATSY, died in June (06) after losing her battle with cancer. Following this week's arrest, an insider at the Boulder, Colorado, District Attorney's office has stated that law officials in the Ramsey's home state do not believe that JonBenet's parents were involved in the little girl's slaying in any way. In 2003, an Atlanta, Georgia, judge concluded that the evidence she reviewed suggested an intruder killed JonBenet.