A TONI BRAXTON impersonator has been arrested in Suriname and charged with fraud after she turned out not to be the real thing, booked for a birthday party.
Celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn has been held by authorities since the beginning of March (09), after the promoter who booked her for a party concert fled after reportedly scamming organisers into thinking they'd be seeing the real thing.
Her publicist insists proof of Johnsons innocence was clearly established, but his client remains in custody, unable to leave Suriname.
Johnson-Finn tells WENN, "I am completely innocent. I was hired to do a tribute imitation act for a birthday celebration."
The bewildered performer had the understanding that everyone knew she was a celebrity look-a-like, and was jolted after attacks with flying objects and misguided accusations. Event contracts, business licenses and a number of email transmissions support Johnsons innocence.
Promoter Angel Ventura of Events 4 Suriname reportedly vanished after the show began, allegedly with the proceeds from the show.
Finn's husband, Raymond, who accompanied his wife on the trip, and was jailed along with her, says, "My wife is a victim, she had no intention of deceiving anyone, she had no involvement in promoting or advertising the event, and she received none of the proceeds of the event."
He was released after two weeks, while Johnson remains in custody indefinitely.
Johnsons family and friends have appealed for political help from U.S. senators and congressmen and woman.