Cancer-stricken singer BERNIE NOLAN put on a brave face to show fans she is battling the disease by revealing her bald head at a U.K. awards ceremony on Monday night (06Sep10).
The 49-year-old I'm in the Mood for Dancing singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in April (10) and has been undergoing sessions of chemotherapy to treat it.
The Nolans star issued a photo showing her dramatic hair loss last month (Aug10) and spoke out insisting she's happy with the side effect because it means the treatment is "working".
And Nolan underlined her bravery on Monday by arriving on the red carpet at Britain's TV Choice Awards showing her bare head - and happily posing for photographers.
She says, "I've spent the past few weeks saying I'm happy with no hair, so I felt it was important to come here and show I meant it. And, you know what? After ten minutes no one notices about the hair."