Actor KELSEY GRAMMAR discovered he has a high tolerance level for pain after trying to brush off a heart attack.
The Frasier star eventually 'died' in hospital but was resuscitated by medics - and now lives to talk about the experience.
Grammar recalls his health scare started while he was relaxing at his home in Hawaii on 31 May (08) - and he tried to brush off the excruciating chest pain as nothing more than a passing ailment.
He says, "The pain threshold thing has no real value for me. I don't acknowledge pain, I'm not supposed to and so I'm sitting there going, 'Breathe... I'll get through it.'
"It felt like somebody was trying to tear my chest apart.
"I did think, 'I've got to hang on, there's too much junk I've got to take care of. I've got to take care of my family; my kids are six and three, I can't be doing this to them.'"
Eventually, his wife realised the actor was in trouble and called for an ambulance. Ninety minutes later, Grammar 'died' at a Kona hospital.