LATEST: CHRISTIAN BRANDO's ex-wife is suing the late actor's lawyers over money she claims she is owed - just days after her former spouse passed away. Marlon Brando's eldest son died on Saturday (26Jan08) morning at a Los Angeles Hospital after suffering from pneumonia. He was 49. But Christian's former wife Deborah Brando has wasted no time in filing suit against the executors of Marlon Brando's estate. In legal papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday (28Jan08), Deborah claims she was made assignee of her ex-husband's rights in the Marlon Brando Living Trust February 2007, as part of a settlement deal with Brando in a domestic violence case. She is alleging professional negligence, conspiracy, fraud and deceit, after reportedly discovering in December (07) that the estate's executors had altered it by forging Marlon's signature to try and con her out of money and property owed to her. The lawsuit reads: "The will was forged ... designed to separate and alienate (Deborah Brando) from others in Marlon Brando's close and extended family, friends, and business acquaintances, and to keep them from challenging the will or trust." She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. Meanwhile, an autopsy is scheduled to take place on Tuesday (29Jan08) to find out the exact cause of death upon request of the Brando family. Los Angeles County coroner's Lieutenant Fred Corral said the family asked for the autopsy "based on his past drug history".