MARLON BRANDO shocked the director of his final film BIG BUG MAN by insisting on dressing up like his animated character MRS SOUR for a script read through.

Animator BOB BENDETSON (corr) is thrilled he got to taste the great man's eccentricities before Brando died at the beginning of the month (01JUL04), but he admits he was left speechless when Brando met him, dressed as a buxom blonde woman.

He says, "We walked in the door and were a little shocked to see that he was looking like Mrs Sour, the character.

"He was wearing a blonde wig, a dress, full make-up, jewellery, white gloves; he was very lady-like."

But Bendetson admits there was something painfully sad about his meeting with Brando.

He explains, "He had the oxygen tank right next to him, so it was an odd little vision."

The movie great completed work on the animated film, which is due for release in 2006, just weeks before he died.

14/07/2004 02:27