BRANDI FAVRE, the sister of American football quarterback Brett Favre, has been arrested in Mississippi, and will appear in court on a number of drug charges after police discovered a meth laboratory in the town of Diamondhead, according to a report by the Abc affiliate television station WLOX. Favre and four other individuals were arrested after authorities witnessed a drug buy at a local gas station and were then led to a nearby lab.
Brandi was previously arrested back in 1999 and charged with felony shoplifting after she was accused of stealing clothes in a department store. Director of the Hancock County Narcotics Task Force Matt Karl said, "When we arrived, there were a couple of people coming out of the house and the chemical smell was just overwhelming. Karl added that after a search of the premises officers discovered a lab in the bathroom which was still in the process of cooking meth. He confirmed that all five individuals were charged with the manufacturing of meth, possession of a controlled substance, transferring a controlled substance and generation of hazardous waste.
Narcotics agents say that the chemicals they uncovered were extremely dangerous and could have caused an explosion, and a neighbour who lived close-by said he had noticed a "very, very strange smell" recently.