BRANDI FAVRE, the sister of legendary American football quarterback Brett Favre, has been arrested and charged after police discovered a meth laboratory in the town of Diamondhead, Mississippi, according to a report by the ABC affiliate television station WLOX. Brandi was previously arrested back in 1999 and charged with felony shoplifting after she was accused of stealing clothes in a department store.
The report states that Favre was one of five people arrested yesterday (12th January 2011) after Hancock County authorities witnessed a drug buy at a local gas station. After questioning the suspects, investigators were led to a nearby property where they discovered a meth laboratory. Director of the Hancock County Narcotics Task Force Matt Karl said, "When we arrived, there were a couple of people coming out of the house and the chemical smell was just overwhelming. It was pretty bad. And then we discovered the full lab in the bathroom; it was still cooking". Karl confirmed that all five individuals have been charged with the manufacturing of meth, possession of a controlled substance, transferring a controlled substance and generation of hazardous waste. A neighbour who lived close to the lab said "I can't describe the smell, but a very, very strange smell".
Brandi's brother Brett has been caught up in his own scandal lately. It was reported last year that he apparently sent explicit images of himself to the pitch-side reporter and television personality Jenn Sterger. The former New York Jets player was fined $50,000 by the NFL for not cooperating with the investigations.