Boxing champion ARTURO GATTI's wife has been arrested on suspicion of strangling the sporting legend to death with her purse strap.
Gatti was in Brazil on holiday with wife Amanda Rodrigues and their one-year-old son when he was found dead in a hotel room in Porto de Galihnas on Saturday (11Jul09).
In a dramatic twist, police have now arrested Rodrigues and accused her of murdering her husband after a drunken row.
She was taken in for questioning on Sunday (12Jul09) after cops ruled her initial story was "inconsistent and incoherent" and she was unable to explain why she had been in the same room as Gatti for 10 hours without realising he was dead.
Rodrigues told police she had a fight with Gatti after dinner on Friday night (10Jul09) and he pushed her to the ground during the row, causing her to sustain minor injuries to her elbow and chin.
She said Gatti was drunk and that a third party likely committed the crime after he went to the apartment by himself.
Rodrigues is currently being held for further questioning, with cops expected to bring charges later on Monday (13Jul09). A police spokesman said, "She is the only suspect.”
Gatti and Rodrigues were in the country enjoying a second honeymoon following a brief split.