Boxing legend Leon Spinks is recovering at a rehabilitation centre after enduring multiple surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay stemming from a freak accident at home.

The Olympic gold medal winner, who famously beat Muhammad Ali in 1978, was hospitalised in October (14) after he accidentally swallowed a chicken bone, which became trapped in his intestines.

He subsequently underwent a number of operations and spent two months in hospital before he was released in December (14) to spend Christmas with his family.

According to, Spinks, 61, has now been admitted to a rehab centre to work on regaining his strength.

His wife Brenda says, "He's doing much better but it's a slow process... He was in bed for two months. It takes a lot out of you."

Brenda hopes he can be released from the facility soon, adding, "We're going to be having a meeting with the rehab facility in the next couple of weeks."

Spinks' former opponent Ali also suffered a health crisis late last year (14) and spent the holidays in hospital. Ali was back under the care of doctors this month (Jan15) to treat problems relating to a urinary tract infection, but was released in time for his 73rd birthday on Saturday (17Jan15).