Box-office forecasters who bet the odds and predicted that the nearly two-month-long hot streak would end this weekend lost hopelessly when ticket sales ended up garnering a record not only for the President's Day weekend but for the entire month of February -- $190 million for three days and an estimated $223 million for four. Moreover, the top film, Friday the 13th , which was butchered by critics, earned an estimated $45.21 million -- the biggest gross for a slasher-flick premiere in history. Opening on Friday the 13th, the movie scored a $19.4-million haul on its first day -- more than what it reportedly cost to make. Two other new movies didn't make that much over the entire weekend. The female-oriented Confessions of a Shopaholic took in a modest $17.3 million and the banking thriller The International , just $10 million. But two holdovers performed solidly. Last week's romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You captured second place with $23.4 million, to bring its two-week gross to $55.8 million. Both Friday and Into You were produced by Warner Bros., whose distribution chief, Dan Fellman, told the Associated Press, "It's ( Friday ) a great title, and it was a great weekend to open. We had Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day." Landing in third place was the action-adventure film Taken , which earned $19.3 million to bring its total to $77.99 million.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Media by Numbers 1. Friday the 13th , $45.2 million; 2. He's Just Not That Into You , $23.4 million; 3. Taken, $19.3 million; 4. Confessions of a Shopaholic , $17.3 million; 5. Coraline, $15.3 million; 6. Paul Blart Mall Cop, $11.7 million; 7. The International, $10 million; 8. The Pink Panther 2, $9 million; 9. Slumdog Millionaire, $7.2 million; 10. Push , $6.9 million.