Demonstrating once again that the only thing that's as sure a thing as a horror movie at the box office is a lovable dog movie, Eight Below, which features eight lovable dogs, performed well above analysts' predictions to win the President Day weekend with $25 million. The Disney film had been expected to take in around $15 million. The studio said it was their biggest February opening ever. In second place was Date Movie, a spoof of romantic comedies aimed squarely at the dating crowd, which earned an estimated $22.3 million. Twentieth Century Fox said that its exit polls indicated that 79 percent of the audience was under 25. A third newcomer, Sony/Revolution's Freedomland tanked with just $7 million over the four-day weekend. Holdover The Pink Panther also performed above expectations, earning $21 million in its second week to place third. And the hand-drawn Curious George continued to pull in families with small children as it earned $15.3 million.

The top ten films for the four-day President's Day weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Exhibitor Relations:
1. Eight Below, $25 million; 2. Date Movie, $22.3 million; 3. The Pink Panther, $21 million; 4. Curious George, $15.3 million; 5. Final Destination 3, $12.5 million; 6. Firewall, $10.3 million; 7. Freedomland, $7 million; 8. Big Momma's House 2, $5.85 million; 9. When a Stranger Calls, $5.8 million; 10. Nanny McPhee, $5.1 million.