Adult film star Celine Tran sued the Like You star, also known as Shad Moss, in 2012, claiming he used footage of her pole dancing in the music video for Drank in My Cup without her permission.

In 2013, a judge awarded Tran $79,350 (£53,000) after Moss failed to respond to the lawsuit. However, earlier this month (Jan16), the 28-year-old asked for the judgement to be dismissed, claiming he was never served because Tran tried to have the documents delivered to an address he did not reside at.

He also accused Tran of harassing him and his family members in a bid to depose them over the judgment and collect the money.

Moss is requesting the original judgement be dismissed, for Tran to be ordered to stop trying to collect the funds, and for himself to be given an opportunity to respond to the original lawsuit, according to