Bounty hunter-turned-reality TV star DUANE 'DOG' CHAPMAN was forcibly removed from an aircraft this week over his wife's behaviour towards cabin crew. The star of Dog The Bounty Hunter caused the United Airlines flight to Denver, Colorado, to be aborted earlier this week (begs07May07), after his wife Beth verbally abused a female flight attendant. A source tells the National Enquirer, "Dog was sitting in the first-class section with his family, and the plane was getting pushed back from the gate. A flight attendant asked Dog to buckle his seatbelt, but he was asleep." According to the source, Chapman's wife "went ballistic", causing the captain to turn the plane around and remove the Chapman family from the aircraft, where they were met by six police officers. Dog was reportedly embarrassed by the incident, "apologising to everyone involved" after the family was escorted off the plane.